You”re In Love – Wilson Phillips – Wilson Phillips

Wilson Phillips is the 1990 debut album by Wilson Phillips. Additional Recording: Glen Ballard, Tom Biener, Francis Buckley, Julie Last, Clif Magness, Gabriel Moffat and Rail Jon Rogut. Second Engineers: Dan Bosworth, Rick Butz, Daryll Dobson and You’re In Love – Wilson Phillips – Wilson Phillips Malina. Hot 100 Singles of the ’90s.

This page was last edited on 16 April 2018, at 03:02. Greatest Hits is a compilation album released by female music trio Wilson Phillips. The group broke up in 1993, and did not reunite for this release. The compilation includes all eight singles of their first two albums, as well as the 1991 non-album Elton John cover of “Daniel” which, although not released as a single, charted on the Billboard Adult Contemporary airplay charts. Most of the songs are included with the Radio edit versions, which hadn’t been included yet on a Wilson Phillips album. The compilation also includes solo material from the trio after they broke up, Chynna Phillips’ single “Naked and Sacred”, from her 1995 debut album of the same name, and two songs from The Wilsons 1997 album, featuring Carnie and Wendy.

This page was last edited on 28 October 2017, at 12:01. Now: Wilson Phillips imploded extremely quickly. Their second LP, 1992’s Shadows and Light, failed to connect, and Chynna quit soon after to launch an ill-fated solo career. Carnie and Wendy carried on as The Wilsons, but their album was a complete bomb. In 2004, Chynna came to her senses and returned to the band. They’ve released two albums of covers, starred in a reality series, made a memorable appearance in Bridesmaids, and are now on a comeback tour. Her biggest hit was called Hold On and that’s exactly what Carnie Wilson is trying to do to save her home.