Magnet In mindfields level you have to try to drop the steel ball into the steel bowl. However, it is not as easy as it looks: the red magnets attract the ball and the green ones repel it. You can choose between model A and B and set A and B. Set A is more difficult than set B.

Controls: Use your mouse to play model A, use the arrow keys to play model B. Do so by making the little eye bump into the smileys, in order to make them move in the right direction. Your number of mouse clicks is limited, so act with skill and caution! Per hole it says which bug is supposed to go in there. You will get a number of balls that you can navigate. The target is to throw the balls on the constructiong so it falls down beneath the green line. Help the little purple creature to grab the red-and-white target.

It can do this directly, but the further you get, the harder it gets: you’ll have to do this indirectly. Move obstacles and reach the target in as little clicks as possible! Saw bars and joints in two or more pieces in a maximum number of turns. You can’t saw metal and bricks in two. Pigskin Pick’em Select the winners and losers of NFL games for a chance to win prizes. Play straight up, against the spread or by confidence.

Eliminator Challenge Pick the winner of one NFL game each week. You can only pick each team once per season. College Pick’em Select the winners of ten college football games each week to win prizes. Play straight up or rank by confidence. Bowl Mania Select the winners of all the college football bowl games for a chance to win prizes.

Streak is the game for you! Pick the outcomes of sporting events around the globe. Play 365 days a year–new matchups available daily! Tournament Challenge Build your bracket and pick the winners of every Men’s NCAA Tournament game. Women’s Tournament Challenge Build your bracket and pick the winners of every Women’s NCAA Tournament game. Tournament Challenge Second Chance Bracket busted?