Kings Of Convenience – Declaration Of Dependence

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Please forward this error screen to 192. Police Mistook Her Vitamins For Drugs. She Then Spent 5 Months In Jail. It’s nothing short of ironic that this nation, which was founded, explored, and made great by adventurous and self-reliant people, has now become a haven for those who insist on being cradled and sheltered by convenience.

Responding to the demand that this has created, the government has increasingly made it more difficult to be self-reliant and now seems thoroughly dedicated to preventing anyone from taking care of themselves and their families. The threats to a sustainable and individual lifestyle are legion these days, but just as with any list, there is always a small group of items that take the top spots. While the threats to life and limb in the early days of our country were almost purely natural, today the primary threats to self-sufficiency come from the government that we put into place and their idea of what should and shouldn’t be regulated. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Environmental Protection Agency has done some good since it was established in 1970. After all, if it weren’t for some rules, our skies could look like those over Beijing and we could all be walking around with protective masks. Despite the good things the agency has accomplished, it has become a force against liberty as the years have passed.

I personally consider the EPA, IRS and FEMA to be the triad of agencies that threaten freedom, and the ones most likely to lead to more intrusive government and perhaps even usher in a totalitarian state. This is done through force of regulation, not legislation, and the EPA excels at over-regulating. The two most recent and egregious examples of this are the regulations on wood-burning stoves and the change of wording in rules related to the Clean Water Act, which gives it control of essentially any body of water — including ponds and ditches — within US borders. The ability to control water usage and heating in an off-grid situation is vital, to say the least. Unbridled, it’s foreseeable that this dangerous agency would simply remove our right to even have a campfire, let alone heat our homes with wood. And seizing control of any pool of standing water means seizing control of all the property surrounding the water, too.

As with any law or regulation, you really have to look at both the minutia and the big picture to understand the impact of the Affordable Care Act, lovingly known as Obamacare. It’s in the details that people are hoodwinked. 100 miles from the nearest big city doctor. That itself is the antithesis of liberty and a free nation. If everyone were required to purchase anything else — a generator, for instance — at double to quadruple the price, there would be revolt.